Interested in Becoming a Vendor?


Our team of vendors is looking to expand the availability of different locally produced products. We welcome everything from art to zucchinis to cakes and cookies! We support vendors of all ages and experiences! Our aim is to provide regional food and products on a consistent basis.


Single source, or multi-source vendors are acceptable. 


Our Market Philosophy


Since we are a young market and our customers are still growing, we like to make sure that existing vendors feel comfortable with vendor inquiries from folks with similar product lines. So, if you are interested in becoming a vendor we ask that you come down on a Saturday or Wednesday and talk to current vendor to see what they offer. If you do something similar, think about how you can focus on something a little different as a vendor. It's important for us to be a community of vendors and customers and for our community to be as supportive of each other as possible.


Our Market Logistics


There is no fee to be a vendor. We ask vendors to periodically throw $5-10 into a collection jar so we can do some basic marketing, have hot drinks, put on events, and buy and maintain some larger canopies we use communally when it's very cold, hot, or wet. 


While we don't charge fees, we do ask our vendors to ensure they do all they can to let folks know about the market... Post to their Facebook page, email their friends/families/neighbors, and help volunteer for projects and events we hold at the markets.


We ask vendors to bring a table and shade (canopy/umbrella), and arrive at least 30 minutes before we open to help set up the space, and stay to clean up.


Our Saturday hours are 8am to 12pm so plan to be there at 7:30am.


Our Wednesday hours are 5:30pm to 8pm so plan to be there at 5:00pm.


Many of our customers, particular younger ones, like the convenience of using credit/debit cards so being able to take cards at the market helps. Most of us use Square and we will be glad to help explain how that works and give you a link that will provide free processing for the first few months/hundreds of dollars.


We also have a monthly community meeting the first Monday of the month at 6pm at Common Grounds coffee house on Elam Avenue. We use this time for planning and idea generation and we encourage all vendors to come!


You can email through the link below, or call Stephen Johnson at 336.355.0799



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