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The Corner Market began as a sidewalk market located at Walker and S. Elam Avenue in Greensboro, NC, USA. Our Market has since expanded to include a additional locations, Wednesday at First Baptist Church on W. Friendly Avenue, and Tuesday in Reedy Fork. Every Saturday morning, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings this market and its community of folks transform a simple asphalt space into a lively place of gossip, recipe sharing, dog stories, children’s art, and retail.


The market adds to Greensboro’s alternatives to the big box retail world and provides a great place to meet neighbors, and shop for regional and local food and products. We feel proud to get to share in community building in both the Lindley and Westerwood neighborhoods!


The market includes experienced growers, many folks from the neighborhood including those trying to create a new way to make ends meet, neighborhood schools, and children’s lemonade stands.


If you visit us on a Saturday, you can also check out the other businesses on the corner for groceries, meals, and coffee, including a rave breakfast at Sticks and Stones.


Tuesdays a number of market vendors are in Reedy Fork at the Sales Office, corner of Reedy Fork Parkway and Eckerson Road.


If you drop by on Wednesday evenings, you can take a stroll on over to the UNCG area and visit Greensboro's fabulous Tate Street, a cultural hub for all ages! 

Saturdays at the Corner



The corner of Walker and South Elam Avenues (2214 Walker Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27403) in the Sticks and Stones parking lot.



January to March 11: 9am to Noon

March to December: 8am to Noon


Tuesdays @ Reedy Fork



Corner of Eckerson Rd. and Reedy Fork Parkway, at the Sales Office.



April to October: 5pm to 8pm


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Saturdays @ The Corner

Tuesday @ Reedy Fork

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